Osama bin Laden

Posted by CriticalCrossRoad on May 3, 2011 in Google Today |

This has been the main topic of discussion on Monday.  The president came on Sunday night and informed us that Osama has been killed. There we people cheering in front of the White House and I read about New Yorkers taking to the streets to celebrate. He was the individual  behind a number of horrible events that have affected many people everywhere in the world not just here in the U.S..

I will forever remember the morning of 9/11..where I was..getting ready to head to class..my best friend call me and says turn on the television. I turn it on to see a plane going into a building. I was shocked, and horrified..I thought maybe this was some bad movie that one of the roommates must have left in the DVD player. Then when all the channels confirmed that I was not just sleepy and having a nightmare..I panicked..my best friend at the times mom was headed to New York that very day and was thinking of moving there permanently. I called her and she said that her mom was not on the plane and that she was in the airport here safe…sigh of relief for a moment. Then the other planes are hitting. By this time class has been scrubbed from my schedule today and my friends and I sit in front of the television in disbelief. One of my professors lost his brother and after that  day he left our school.  This day has impacted many people in many different ways. It has shown that we do not have to be on the look out for those missiles only. They will use our  own tools and toys against us. That definitely put a change in place for our everyday lives.

That being said I did not rejoice last night, actually it was like and update to a point to me. I found it really weird to rejoice in someones demise. Yes, I know that he was accused of many terrible acts and for a large number of lives lost. I just can not find it in myself to rejoice that he is dead. After you hear the details of how it went down, it makes you see that he brought this on himself. Knowing that I do not rejoice or rebuke those that do rejoice. I just say that people should not get lazy, slack, or think that he was the only one that could do anything to us. Also we do not need the other extreme..just a bit of healthy common sense and some eyes wide open precaution.

I like to take the lesson learned approach..we learned that missiles are not the only things that can come through the air and harm us….that people that live next door to us could be part of a uprising…that more security also does mean less freedom (do not get me wrong, we are still free but if you act, say, write or do anything that is suspicious then you are now a person of interest.)

The world is different and our lives have changed. An agent that was very much against us has died. His crimes heinous. His messages controversial. His death the way he lived. His funeral with respect of what he valued. He was given what we would want in the end..just a basic respect for what we believe. It really is not relevant what he would have done, in our shoes because we are not him. Thank God.

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