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The royal wedding was on Friday. Everyone has their opinion of whether it was good, bad or indifferent. I for one was happy to see them. They represent a happy couple on their wedding day, enjoying life and each other.

The people that were either unhappy or mad over the press, really should be realistic with themselves. We are a nation that has always been captivated by other countries, hence the exploration and the mixing of cultures that we as American are so proud. Some said that the media should have been focused on the new or the current tornado victims. I do not think that the celebration of this couples wedding is taking anything away from those victims. The president went and visited those victims and we all had them in our hearts and prayer. Let it rest! It was to be expected that this wedding would get a decent amount of press and that it would be overwhelming. Why? Well in America every young girl has her idea of her wedding and it is were she is a princess for a day she and prince charming ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after (Some of that is debatable but you get the idea). Also Disney has made an abundance of money of the Disney princess collection. Even before the collection it was Cinderella and Snow White. Our fascination with princesses did not just start over night. Think back to Princess Diana, were we as a country not all enthralled with her and royalty. So why I ask should this couple be able to live out there dream day. They are royalty and that being said they have plenty of money so it will be a lavish event and it will draw attention. Stars her get married as many time as they want and get many dress to celebrate each one. No one is trying to deny them their days because of a natural disaster. This wedding has been planned for way longer than the tornado was planned. God may have had that one planned but the only people that had a hint were the meteorologist and they had just that a hint. So I ask again is it right that we ask all the emphasis be on the disaster.

I do not know how many of you can ever forget the OJ trial and all the events that lead up to it. For those that do, I never in my life wished to know all that or care that he had a white bronco that was speeding down the interstate. I really did not know all that much about him until this incident happened. Then we were forced to watch it all play out on television. All regular scheduled programs were moved and you were inundated with OJ for what seemed like forever. Imagine with me you come home ready for some “Dark Wing Duck” and “Tail Spins” and all you get is this man who supposedly killed his wife and lover and ran off with his friend. I felt like some people give me the highlights and get my regularly scheduled program back on! The funny thing also is that most people have “smarty phones” and mine was updating me on the storm victims, the presidents visit, the cancel of the launch today at Cape Canaveral and the list goes on. So again I ask are you upset that the media coverage shifted for the wedding or is there a bigger issue?

Are some people mad at the shift for fluff instead of substance? Well if so then the only ones that can change it are the people that are doing the complaining. It is really just seen as complaining when you critic a problems that affect all of our everyday life but not working to have a solution. What movies are you going to see? Is it the latest documentary or is it the latest, funniest, trendy movie. What music are you listening to? You see where I am going, I am sure. I am not saying that you must have the cure for cancer but can you donate a dollar the next time you want to complain that nothing is being done to cure it. Cures are not free, peoples time is not free and life is meant to enjoy! CHEERS to the royal couple and CONGRATS!

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