Dr. Conrad Murray

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Guilty of involuntary manslaughter.

This is the verdict of the Michael Jackson case.

So this brings me to an interesting question. Say he stood his ground and said no to MJ …does anyone really think that MJ would have stopped it there or would he have replaced the dear doctor and just then moved on to someone who would give him the drugs that he wanted. Also what would have happened if he had used and prescribed the medicines that were appropriate for insomnia. Yes, we will never know but it is a thought to ponder?
Was he just protecting his job and livelihood or was he being reckless? We may to have agree that it was both, a abandonment of right and wrong and imagine your MJ’s doctor that has to have some bragging rights and pay well.

Also this brings me to think about in the everyday world how this plays out. No doubt we would be in jail and probably not for involuntary manslaughter…more like manslaughter…take this example: you are a bartender and you know that someone has had enough or arrives already having had enough do you serve them because you want the tip and the money or do you decline them a drink. You know that if you do not serve them that they will merely wonder down to the next bar and continue this same routine, so does that make it right to give them one more. What happens if they reach over the bar and just make themselves a beverage? Are you going to stand there and watch them or even if you come back to find it are you going to let them keep it. Yes this a more simple solution than the situation that we are dealing with but if it was that poweful of a drug that I would not be awake when you are admisting then what did the doctore do wrong that MJ could supposedly get up and give himself the medicines? That is like the bartender in the above sinareo just leaving the liquor and the mixers on the bar and walking away and then say they had no idea how you got the drink. Why were these drugs if so powerful not under lock and key. Do you really want just anyone to be able to put themselves into a comma? Seems like poor decision making to me.

In my opinion it does not give you the right to make those decisions. The person is not in a state to make any decisions and that is why you are behind the counter or behind the syringe or pump that is administering these substance.

Also when do we start making people take responsibility for their addictions? Yes I know that if they die from it then there is only the “supplier” to go after. Everyday doctors write scripts to dispense drugs that are highly addictive ad to treat pain. When do you get no more drugs and have to have it removed or learn some other sources of pain management? If they know someone is addicted then why just keep increasing the dosage and the number of pills.

Do you feel that is sentence was just for his actions or the situation?  

So who is to blame and what decision would you make if you have to enter this critical crossroad?

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